Kaya’s Vale is a 3D, third person adventure game which revolves around Kaya and her dinosaur companion Apollo as they make their way through a world where man and dinosaurs coexist together. In this prototype we want to focus on creating a short and sweet experience, where players can play with and learn with their ally in various ways outside of using mechanics. This is done by using a mix of animation blend trees and triggered events hardcoded to make Apollo feel independent from the player and as if he is living in this world with you. The prototype is split into two sections, with the first area being dedicated to showcasing the companionship between Kaya and Apollo while learning the mechanics. After that, the player will use the game's dinosaur command system to help navigate around a platforming section to reach a key that allows them to leave the area and thus end the prototype.


Our Art-Style: Stylised, cel-shaded and charming. The aim’s to have a ‘toon-shaded’ look inspired by journey. We want to create an appealing style that depicts our interpretations of existing palaeontology discoveries. They will be vibrant, with influences being drawn from existing real–world animals. The reasoning for this style was decided by consideration of scope, player impact, and engine readability.  It’s well received by our market due to its ability to heighten feelings of empathy and fellowship towards dinosaurs, communicating charm, personality and strong bond with more creative freedom.


We want to develop this prototype over the Tranzfuser program so we can have a highly polished proof of concept, which can be showcased to publishers for further investment and develop Kaya’s Vale into a bigger IP. The goal of the prototype is to really grab the attention of the player and make them immersed in the world and want more once the demo ends. MeteoriteMedia thrives on creativity and making the gaming landscape more diverse, which is represented in the kind of titles we’d like to take into long term development. Dinosaurs as a subject that can be enjoyed by everybody, regardless of age or culture, which increases possible sales long term and investment if we do choose to fund the project through kickstarter. We’ve already been able to gauge interest in this IP by showcasing the concept in communities like Tonic U, Polygon and our university that’s led us to forming our own discord community of people who are interested in the game.


Kaya’s Vale also is very different from many of the dinosaurs on the market. Many of these titles are zoo simulators and play on creating a functioning Jurassic Park, Killing dinosaurs in horde based games or using them to kill other players in multiplayer titles like ARK. None of these titles focus on a strong single player narrative that explores the relationship between humans and dinosaurs. We want to create an IP that treats prehistoric life respectfully and treat them more like living animals then monsters that want to destroy everything.